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Sun, Mar. 6th, 2005, 03:33 am
PTQ Philedelphia or The Scrub Corner

So I had been planning to go to the extended PTQ for a while, not realizing how quickly it was approaching. This last week I'd been testing The Rock alot to get ready for it. The deck just seemed too slow and not broken at all unlike every other extended deck. Early turns it just dropped mana accel and maybe some discard disruption. It's the kinda deck that will just sit there when your opponent is doing some stupid shit like gain a billion life or mill your whole deck or something. So I tried out B/G aggro. That deck is a travesty. Slow as fuck AND less controlling than the rock. The night before the PTQ I'm hanging out at The Den trying to think of what to do when Pat says, "Why don't you just play Scepter/Chant?" So I borrowed all the cards I needed for it and threw it together midnight that night. Got in some testing against Aluren and RDW2K5ver2.1.dec.dec (HAHAHDHHAEHHEHA) I love making myself smile, anyway, after that I get two hours of sleep that will no doubt improve my performance as opposed to say, getting some real rest. Especially when I'm playing a fucking control/combo deck. This is my first PTQ. First match is Reanimator. This bodes well for me. Ice and chant fuck him in his angel's butt. I have no hot scepter plays, they seem to be missing in action. I do however counter a reanimate and get a meddling mage naming Exhume in play though. This is followed by a flipped Exalted. He gets that bitch Akroma in play somehow, its kinda fuzzy but anyway he starts chipping away at my life while I can't attack because my angel just outright dies to his. I do have an ice in hand and swing in for one turn. With things not looking good in my first ever PTQ game what can I do but topdeck like a whore and ice his shit for the win. Lucky me I've got 3 seal of removals that rape him in the SB and some wraths. Game 2 not even close, he goes, uhh reanimate some huge thing, as I proceed to bounce it. YES! Victory is mine! First ever PTQ match a win! And I just fucking built this deck that night before and I'd never played the deck before. The joy quickly diminishes as I realize this thing is SEVEN rounds. It's gonna last at least 7 hours. Onto match 2! Something very special happened match 2. In the second time in 3 weeks I won a game before taking my first turn. My opponent decided to not play with land in his deck. But then at the last minute he must have decided to be safe and put them in. He did however forget the crucial step of registering said land. Game loss for him. He's got Mind's Desire playing first and goes 2nd turn Sapphire Medallion. How does control deal with this? Counter's cost 2 blue and scepter isn't online yet? What do I do you ask? I force spike that motherfucker. YEAYH! Force Spike all the way. It has got to be the shittiest feeling having your shit force spiked ugh, feels pretty good from this side tho. I follow that tech up with scepter counter, and then scepter chant which elicits a big scooop from him. I'm feeling great at this point, not only am I 2-0 but Robby is as well! Robby and I are all at the top table for round 3. He's at table 1, I'm at 3, and get this, Jessie Rivers is table 2! Half of the top table in a PTQ is team fucking Monster Den. Fuck yea. Unfortunately, we all lost. Boo. I got hosed by a fucking teched out Sqirrel/Opp deck. Ugh, Wirewood Symbiote+Living Wish/Shaman, elf card drawer that costs 2, and deranged hermit are good against me I guess. Game 2 not even close. I'm stuck on 2 land after 2 Brainstorms and a Serum Visions. I go crashing down a good 15 tables. Next match is the fucking mirror match. Fortunately for me, I'm not a goddamn idiot, and my opponent is, according to eyewitness reports. He turns out to be a real nice guy though, a fellow control player. He's playing a more late game oriented build with shadowmages, the AK engine minus Intiution for some reason, no Chrome Mox, and more counters than me. This match is grueling and definately the most demanding for both of us. Many vital decisions each turn. Game 1 I race the shit out of him. Scepter/Chant is called that for a reason as that is what happened plus some nice Exalted beats. He had surprisingly little action this game which he more than made up for in game 2. He removes my scepters and wins with shadowmages. At this point I realize the wraths in my board have to come in to stop that. I have no way to control a mage in play other than an online stick which he can remove. This turns out to be a good decision as I'm able to remove 2 of his mages with a wrath late game and then play angel next turn for the win. Pat was saying he made alot of bad decisions, but I know I fucked up alot that match too. I'd love to have it back to do it again, I did pull it out though and I'm happy about that. Match 5 is against Goblins. The Red Army is my first pure aggro match all day and I'm confident about my chances especially with 4 Chills in the board. Game 1 I control the game from the get go with stick Fire/Ice. He doesn't get through it as I get an active Angel out. Game 2 I finally get to play with Chills. Oh Chill, you are so unfair and awesome. This plan doesn't quite work out as he just gets 2 Aether Vials and doesn't even cast red spells and wins with early beats and a late pile of dead goblins that have turned themselves into a Sulfuric Vortex. Boo urns. Game 3 is the god game and the most broken shit the deck did all tourney. Turn 1 I go land, mox, Chill. He cringes, lays a mountain and passes it. I drop stick counter. He still does have an out in Aether Vial. God damn Aether Vial. A Meddling Mage soon puts an end to that possibility as the mage goes downtown all the way for the win. Just for good measure I think I laid scepterchant as well. That was some awesome shit. Match 6 I have the possibility to make place in the money. I just have to win 1 of the 2 remaining matches. Determined to make it this match we shuffle it up. He's got Teen Titan. Paul was playing titan and I tested a bit against it, it seems like a decent matchup for me, I seem to remember winning most of the games against him. I did forget that Paul doesn't actually play Magic tho. Real Teen Titan rapes me so bad. The games weren't even close. He had strategy superiority over me. I had the cards in hand it wasn't like I wasn't drawing I just lost straight out. I'm starting to sweat some bullets here. Spending 20 bucks and a full workday for no prize does not sound enticing. When I see that my opponent looks like the posterboy for D&D the magazine I know that the match will be mine and all those packs as well. Gotta actually win it though. He's got Reanimator, and jank Reanimator at that. It just boggles my mind how he could have the same record as me with such a jank deck. He had fucking buried alive and Rorix Bladewing. He does actually manage a game 1 win with some quick Rorix beats *groans*. I tell myself after that that it doesn't matter. I've already won the match with the SB tech. Call me the prophet. The scepters and seals come out to ownz him. I even got a first turn scepter 3rd game which got the scoop. 12 PACKS ARE MINE! I placed 12th out of 127 players! With a deck I had never played before that day and built that night! It felt good. Unfortunately Robby scrubbed out and Pat got fucked by God his last match to not place in the money. Great feeling though. My constructed rating is gonna go through the roof, the roof man, it's gonna go through it. As Robby said, "It's really a testament to your playskill that you did so well with a deck you'd never played, that's really impressive." *Warm and Fuzzy* And then the money draft. I'll get into that next time loyal viewers. Until next time, don't play Red Deck Wins in extended and may all your matches be favorable in PTQs and life.

Tue, Mar. 8th, 2005 02:21 am (UTC)

ever heard of a paragraph? it'd sure make this a lot easier to read.

Tue, Mar. 8th, 2005 01:38 pm (UTC)