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Thu, Jan. 27th, 2005, 05:04 pm

With an open mind and a hole in his head to prove it, here he is Destavi!

So I was out with my dad at a chinese buffet having a nice meal. I opened up my fortune cookie and it said "Truism". My Dad's said "Addage". Strangest thing really.

DONT SEE ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13. To quote, "We're surrounded, do you know what this means?" "It means they could attack at any moment." No, what it actually means is that this could be the worst action movie you see all weekend. That's right the whole weekend, even if you have a four day weekend or something, it's still going to be the worst. * 1 star

SEE SIDEWAYS INSTEAD. Sideways was fantastic, one of the best dramas of the year if not one of the best movies of the year. The story is about two friends (Jack and Miles) who go on a roadtrip to celebrate Jack's upcoming marriage. Jack is off to get some "action" before being constrained to only his wife, something not in his nature. Miles is a wine conessur and is more looking forward to indulging himself with his hobby to numb the pain of his divorce. The film is like getting to know two of your own friends. At first you're having a great time and everyone is happy, and then you get to see their problems. And it is their problems that make them interesting. Miles is consumed by the loss of his wife, and can't accept change. Meanwhile, Jack literally devoures change. One day less than a week before his marriage, he cheats on his wife with two different women. If the two characters could somehow merge into one being they might make a semblence of a normal person, then again they could end up bipolar. Sideways is depressing, nerve wracking, thrilling and most of all enjoyable. You should see sideways. **** 4 stars

One of the depressing things about Sideways is seeing myself in the pitiful main character. Watching him just be a depressive mope and then thinking, I know exactly how that feels, or, I've done that before, makes me sad. And then at the end of the the person I saw it with said, "He made me think of you". Sucks for me. At least I haven't started drinking heavily, yet. I'm not twenty one yet so I can still hit that platau.

I feel like I should be crying. This is one of the things I hate most. I should be feeling terribly sad, and yet I can't even feel that. I'm so numb I can't even tell when I'm hungry, my stomach just starts to hurt. Sometimes I think I can feel the depression manifest itself in my head as physical pain. It's not a normal headache, it just hurts... My memory has turned to shit. I'm forgetting things left and right, or is it, right and left, I can't remember. Every day goes by bringing me nothing but one day closer to the end. I don't feel anything. I'm the incredible man with no emotions! Watch as I feel hallow and empty! Wait that might not be so exciting. Hmm, watch as I fix everything that needs fixing; cars, TV's, marriages. As for payment I only accept golden nuggets, or Denver Nuggets, chicken nuggets. Whatever you got on you.

What does anyone reading this look forward to? Just think about for a day or so if you can't think of anything right away. I don't look forward to anything. That is depressing, or rather depression is the result of that. A couple weeks ago I was able to look at things so as to get excited about them. I don't even feel one iota of excitement thinking about it. AND THEN PAT HAD TO GO AND FUCKING CALL ME AND CHEER UP. GOD DAMN IT PAT CANT I HAVE ONE DEPRESSIVE RANT WITHOUT BEING INTERRUPTED AND MADE ALL NOT DEPRESSED.

Pat is a jerk.

Thu, Jan. 27th, 2005 07:40 pm (UTC)

fill that void with jesus


Thu, Jan. 27th, 2005 11:28 pm (UTC)

or listen to A Tribe Called Quest