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Sat, Oct. 9th, 2004, 03:47 am
First Entry!

I was just looking around some of my friends' journals and decided I should try it out, so here goes.

Today was a fantastic day. At work, instead of me being the gopher like I usually am, I was a crew leader for only the second time. The bonuses are alot higher for crew leaders and it feels good to be in charge for a change. We got 2 big window jobs done quickly and I got off before 6:30! And on the second job the guy gave me a tip. Wheeeeee

After work Ari and I went to the Magic tournament at Sports Card. Traffic was really shitty. 694 is complete garbage. A majority of Minnesotan's favor increased spending on transportation and would be willing to pay higher taxes for it. And yet the Met counsil and Minneapolis squabble over the 35W and 62 junction so nothing will get done. blah Ari and I decided that my car should transform into a Huey hellicopter during rushhour. He'd be the gunner and I'd be the pilot. He'd have to make sure to hit the assholes with the "Support our troops" ribbons on them. I did see one good bumper sticker today,

The tournaments at Sports Card are so much more fun than the ones at Monster Den. It was great. I drafted a solid G/b/r deck sporting some good acceleration, tempo guys, black removal, some burn and some art and enchantment kill. I ended up losing most of my matches. It didn't matter though, they were all very close and skill intensive. This block is going to be a blast to draft. I hadn't been to Sports Card in a long time, it was nice to be back though. I saw alot of cool people I hadn't seen in a while. We got in some crap rare poker, during which Ari and I cleaned three people out. Yeah, it was awesome *mandatory devil horns*.

I didn't get to see Mel though, and I am still awake, at Ari's house... I'm gonna head home now, hopefully I'll get a chance to write some more sometime soon.

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